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Dairy farms in SE New York:

raw milk, yogurt,
various cheeses, goat cheese, goat milk
also dairy goats, farm visits, and near NYC

   SE New York dairy farmers list your fresh milk, yogurt, dairy goats here!
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Brookby Farm farm store, farm bottled raw milk from our pastured cows (without hormones or antibiotics) (bt. nyc / Albany) Dover PlainsNY    
M & S Farm farmstore raw goat milk; Artisan, aged goat cheeses(7), yogurt, (& our produce) (30mi NW of Middletown) FallsburgNY    
Catapano Dairy Farm farm shop goat milk cheeses (Chevre, Feta, Ricotta, Gouda), yogurt (E Long Island) PeconicNY    
Lynnhaven Nubians farm by appt goat milk yogurt & cheeses (Chevre's, Feta, Ricotta), pb Nubian goats Pine BushNY    
u pick farms in NY < = = = = blueberries, raspberries, apples, veggies All over NYNY    
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